Learn About Our Trucking Company in Shelocta & Indiana, PA

Learn About Our Trucking Company in Shelocta & Indiana, PA

We value hard work, honesty and safety

We opened our doors for business in 1991 as West Penn Diesel. We were a repair shop dedicated to helping companies keep their trucks operating safely and efficiently on the road. Since the late 1990s, we've switched gears and now offer our own freight shipping in Shelocta & Indiana, PA and other areas of the United States.

Call 724-354-5188 to find out what freight services we offer in your area.

Our commitment to you

You need a trucking company that's centered around values like safety, integrity and a strong work ethic to help your business stay successful. We promise to uphold:

  • Honesty and fairness-We'll stand by the initial quote we give you for our services.
  • Safe driving practices-We'll follow road laws and take breaks to stay focused on the road.
  • Timeliness-We'll do everything in our capacity to make sure your products or supplies are delivered on time.
Our drivers are dedicated to fulfilling your needs. You can count on us to deliver your products on time and in excellent condition. To learn more about freight services in Shelocta & Indiana, PA, call West Penn Diesel at 724-354-5188 today.